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Southwestern Investor Group employs competent and caring business professionals who are innovative, resourceful, collaborative, and helpful in facilitating the management and accountability of our Clients in the ARM industry


Welcome to Southwestern Investor Group LLC

Southwestern Investor Group (SIG) is a mid-sized debt buyer based in Hamburg, NY. Founded in 2009, the principals saw an opportunity to build a company based on their combined diverse experience. SIG would focus on partnering with institutions across many different sectors offering them a company that was agile, compliant, and responsive in a dynamic industry; differentiating themselves by who they hire. Our business model helps us to both understand individual customers’ circumstances and adhere to regulatory and compliance requirements, for which we have an established track record.

Why Us?

  • Founded in 2009 and staffed by 50 employees
  • Efficient, agile, and responsive to our client’s needs
  • Specialists in late-stage, professional collections in multiple markets
  • Managing more than $1 billion in receivables
  • Immediate, guaranteed cash payments made up front to you
  • Create a residual revenue stream with regular sales after collection efforts are exhausted
  • Selling your delinquent A/R allows you to focus on core competencies
  • We adhere to the highest standards in compliance, privacy and professionalism


 SIG only employs competent, caring business professionals who are innovative, resourceful, collaborative, and laser focused on the needs of their ARM industry partners. We feel we have accomplished this goal, building strong relationships in the financial, retail, medical, and service industries; always looking to create new partnerships with the right partners. 

Additional Company Information
SIG goes to great lengths to protect its partners’ reputations through information security, regular training, quality control and auditing of agency work. There is zero tolerance for operating "in the grey" either within the company or at any of the agencies in our network.

 To further demonstrate this commitment, SIG has a full time Compliance Officer, and has certified its CEO as a “Certified Receivables Compliance Professional” (CRCP) with DBA International. SIG also is completing its company certification with DBA International as a Certified Professional Receivables Company” (CPRC), expected in Q2 2015.

 “Through controlled growth, focusing on strategic investments and commitment to excellence, SIG has positioned itself as a quality player in the accounts receivable industry, with a commitment to excellence and a vision of the future…”

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